Game Coaches

Meet our amazing game coaches!

Hi!  My name is Coy and I am a mini-game coach. I love playing Minecraft and Halo.  I also like to watch YouTube videos that teach you how to play. I would love to help you learn too!
Hello! My name is Luke and I am a Game Coach at XCITE I am currently 16 and in the 10th grade and intend to have a future in IT and technology. My favorite sport’s are running and basketball and I am a professional Call of duty player and have been on the roster for complexity. I have played games for years and still to this day they never bore me. I look forward to beating you in a Call of Duty match at a future party!
Hey everyone! I’m game coach Ana Sofia. I like to lift weights, build websites and make people laugh. My favorite meal includes rice and beans with pork and a lime salad. My favorite treat is anything at Rita’s Italian Ice. I’m a student at CPCC with an Associates in Web Technologies. I enjoy going to tech meetups to learn more about programming, development and design. My favorite thing to do at XCITE Mobile Gaming is Laser Tag because I love to motivate people to move and I get the opportunity to stay active as well.
Hi my name is Jalen. I am a gamer who pretty much plays everything. I also like listening to music and watching movies. I just graduated Summa Cum Laude from Ashbrook and will be attending UNC Charlotte to study multimedia design.   I hope you have a great time when you book us.
My name is Cai and I am in the 4th grade. I like watching Andi-Mack, Bunk’d and The Thundermans. I like video games like Minecraft and Call of Duty. I would love to help you if you don’t know how to play!
My name is Chlarissa and I am a proud mom of many including birth, foster, adopted and everyone else’s children. 🙂 My favorite thing to do in XCITE is working the Glamour Truck for both children and adult parties. I love thinking of new ideas to make each party unique!
My name is Coy Harrison and I am an actor and 16 year military vet who loves to have fun! I mainly work the Game Truck and my rule is…The Game Coach never loses. I love it when the kids challenge me to a good duel on the sticks. To date, I have not lost and don’t plan too!
Hi! I’m Cameron! I am a junior in high school and am homeschooled. I plan to attend East Carolina University to pursue a career as a Child Life Specialist. I enjoy singing, acting, and hanging out with my boyfriend and friends. My favorite food is milkshakes! I have been with XCITE for a short couple of months, but absolutely love it and hope to stay for a long time!